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I have the feeling that you are always dating a pig in a poke on online portals. And that’s just not my world.

You have a very personable profile! Would you like to write? ”No, I didn’t. I had been registered with elitePartner for a while and had the experience that if someone writes such an unimaginative message, they are not really interested. Even a quick look at the profile of the writer didn’t convince me. Outwardly, he wasn’t really my type. He also seemed like an outdoorsman, I’m a city dweller. I politely declined the chat invitation. It’s good that Uwe is so persistent.

The next day I had a long message from him in the mailbox that made me a little more curious. I wrote back and so the exchange went on for a while before he suggested a meeting. To be honest, up until that point I was still a little unsure whether Uwe and I would even go together. I wrote that to him too. His answer: “Let’s find out over a glass of wine!” Well, I’ll be able to stand with him for an hour, I thought to myself. When we finally sat across from each other, my doubts were blown away. I immediately felt a deep familiarity with Uwe and had the feeling that we had known each other forever. The earlier planned hour turned into a long night. We’ve been together for nine months now.

For a long time I refused to sign up for any online platform. I always had the romantic idea that I would still run into my dream prince. But after my divorce, the years passed without anything new for me. Eventually, I gave in to my best friend’s insistence and signed up for Parship. After a short time my mailbox was overflowing with nice inquiries.

I felt very flattered, but none of the men really caught my interest. At some point I was pretty frustrated and wanted to give up the topic. But then one evening I gave myself another jerk and leafed through the partner suggestions. And then suddenly his photo was there. He smiled so happily at me that I had to click on his profile directly. The more I read about him, the more I felt an excited tingling sensation in my stomach. I wrote to him and got an answer after a short time. We exchanged messages for a few days. At some point he suggested a phone call. We talked for a good three hours about God and the world and agreed to get to know each other in a café for the coming Sunday. It sparked immediately. We kissed at the second meeting, and from then on the matter was decided for us. Two years have passed since then, and all I can say is: it’s just still wonderful!

Our expert Eric Hegmann has been advising singles and couples for 15 years and has written several books on the topics of partner search and partnership.

“Online dating offers the unique opportunity to make contact with people outside of your personal environment who you would otherwise never have met. Today we are online around the clock, so it would be a tragedy if we couldn’t find love where we are. “

“Try out! Every serious offer lets you at least see in a free test phase which partner proposals can be expected in your region. So you can easily see whether you can find the people you are looking for in this offer. “

“Make yourself aware of what you want, what you can bring into a relationship and which experiences you no longer want to experience. Change and break through unsuccessful patterns in the search strategy, even if it is your personal prey scheme. “

“The first meeting is not a promise. It is only there to find out if there will be a second. You should therefore speak to each other quickly in order to confirm the first positive impression and then get to know each other personally in a timely manner. “

“It should make it clear that it will be a pleasure to be with you for many years to come. Means: You don’t kiss pessimists. Be optimistic, curious and open. “

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